Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic was for the nine years  director of the Youth Center. He successfully was the director of the Belgrade Youth Center for two mandates and with his team of experts he gave a new life into this cultural center. He was appointed as acting director of the Film Festival of Serbia. As director of the Belgrade Youth Center he participated in the design and implementation of more than 10,000 different events. Cinema of Youth Center again became a focal point for the promotion of domestic and artistic films, recording a steady increase in attendance , even in the years of crisis.

Boban Skerlic

Boban Skerlic is a Serbian director. His the most famous film is "Do koske" and his last film "The Cannon Was Hot", has attracted a lot of public attention. His film “Zmajovini pangolozi” is the first 3D movie which is filmed in Serbia. Boban Skerlic also directed some episodes of the TV series known as "Open Door".

Darijan Mihajlovic

Darijan Mihajlovic is Serbian director born in Belgrade in 1972. He graduated on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. So far, he directed over 40 theater productions in almost all the theaters in Belgrade and in Serbia. He also wrote plays. He has won numerous national and international awards. He got the award for best short film at the Festival of short documentary