Volunteers 2016

04. April 2016.

Bojana Arsic, Faculty od special education and rehabilitation, first year student

I applied to volunteer at Bosifest, because I wanted to gain new experiences and acquaintances. I believe that in this way I can contribute the realization of this wonderful project, and at the same time improve my knowledge and skills.

Emilija Spasojevic, second year student, Faculty of Culture and Media, John Naisbitt University

Volunteering at BOSIFEST attracted me because I wanted  to gain practical knowledge and at the same time to help others. Orientation to the filmmaking art makes the experience extra interesting.

Olga Pantic, 22 year, Ilustrator (book, strip)

Next to the opportunity of learning something new and meeting interesting people, there's a beauty in helping others. Also, there are good movies involved.

Aleksandra Stefanovic, final year student of Faculty of Political science

For volunteering at the festival I applied because it allows me to do what I love (events organization), in the area that I am especially interested in (culture, film), and at the same time festival educates and encourages social responsibility. So far I have enjoyed every moment of working in organization, I met wonderful people, and meet the expectations that I had. And, the best thing is that the most interesting is yet to come.

Andjela Blagojevic, Faculty of filology, third year student

The  main reason I chose to volunteer at BOSIFEST is a wish to participate in a festival organization and  meet new people, and help at the same time. Never before have I volunteered, but I already like the idea of contributing to the realization of such an event. 

Isidora Korać (22) final year student at Faculty of Economics.

I applied for volunteering at Bosifest to find out more about people with disabilities, to gain new experiences and to help other people. Opportunity to be a part of such manifestation  which combines art with a very serious topic is a great prilivege for me and I hope with my contribution to organization of this festival I successfully help those who need help the most.

Julija Jankovic, student of third year, russian language and literature

I applied for volunteering because I am interested in organization and that is something I would like to do in future. I am student of Russian language and I see this also as one interesting way to get in contact with Russians and to practice the language considering that there are movies of Russian authors. I also find interesting the theme of the movies. I think this is a great direction to go: lead the audience through the art of film and in that way make them to ask themselves what they know about people with disabilities.

Lena Simentić, student of Faculty of Political Sciences, 4th year

When I found out about the Film Festival BOSIFEST I was immediately attracted by the idea of being part of his organisation. I am very pleased with the work so far, which gave me a lot of practical knowledge. I think this is unique festival which creatively illustrates the problem faced by people with disabilities and on the other side shows the everyday life of their lives.

Lija Stojkovic, first year student-Academy of Fine Arts

BOSIFEST is a unique film festival in Europe and in this region, which immediately attracted me to sign up for volunteering and thus gain new knowledge, experiences and friendships through all stages of the organization. I especially liked the mission of the festival and also the persistence of the organizers.

Petra Ugrcic, student of third year-faculty of Law

A wish to meet some new people I could learn from, while we contribute together to realisation of one cultural event; knowing how much we need something like this. Also, advantage is that BOSIFEST gives us a chance to be in position to wake up social responsibility concerning some problems people with disabilities face. Up to now, my experience with organizers of this festival is beyond my expectations. I Hope for some nice friendships after this film story.

Sofija Cupic, Faculty of filology, third year student

I applied to be a volunteer at BOSIFEST for many reasons and the main ones are the love I have for films and a wish to have a try at organizing a festival. Honestly, I was surprised to  find out that the only festival in this part of Europe that has the life and work of people with disabilities as a theme takes place here, in Serbia and I wanted to give my contribution. I wish to learn something new and meet new people.


Jelena Nikolic, Faculty of special education and rehabilitation, first year student

Since I started college my wish was to work as a volonteur in some organisation. Motive for volountering is, primerily to help people who need it more than anything, that makes me happy. I found out about your organisation over internet and gladly applied for volountering, work so far has given me a wonderful experience and i learned many interesting things and i hope that it continues in that matter.

Anja Gajic, first year student, Faculty of special education and rehabilitation

Volunteering at BOSIFEST has brought new experiences, acquaintances and each of the volunteers felt as a part of one great network that has helped creating this film festival.

Ana Madic, Medical school, final year

I aplied to be a volunteer at BOSIFEST  firstly because i wanted to help and assist in the organization of something so big and interesting. Being a volunteer for this festival represents for me a great privilege and pleasure. Expirience that volunteers get during preparation of festival and during fest is invaluable. You learn a lot of new things, you watch the movies which encourage you to think and improve both your mental and physical energy life. Next to experience, you get the motivation, energy and will.





06. June 2016.

The members of the jury of Bosifest 2016: Ivan Karl, Nebojša Bradić and Vladan Vukosavljević made the decision to award the following films:


The jury of Bosifest joins a great number of festivals in the country and in the rest of the world. By awarding Dejan Petrović for best screenplay, it confirms his choice and approach to the subject, expresses gratitude for the movie Restart which he filmed and the patience he imprinted in that process.

The award was received by the author Dejan Petrović.

BOSIFEST 2016 AWARD FOR THE BEST DIRECTOR- film RETINA (author: Darko Dragicevic)

The jury of Bosifest is pleased to announce that the award for best director goes to Darko Dragicevic for the original directorial procedure that’s been shown in the film Retina, in which he combines different expressive elements to create visually extraordinary, imaginary world.

The award was received by the producer Austin Stack.

BOSIFEST 2016 GRAND PRIX for the best film- GABOR (author: Sebastian Alfie)

Jury of Bosifest unanimously decided to declare Gabor as the best film with the most comprehensive work, a story about dedication and commitment to filmmaking that goes beyond the greatest barrier in this profession.

The award was received by Ana Nadal, the member of the film crew.

BOSIFEST 2016 SPECIAL MENTION - film KANTHARI: change from within (author: Marijn Poels)

The jury of Bosifest gives a special mention to film KANTHARI: change from within, that reflects courage in order to find answers to some crucial questions that involve not only people with disabilities, but also the restless world we live in.

The special mention was received by the producer Tomasz Kozakiewicz.


04. June 2016.

The seventh Belgrade International Film Festival for and by People with Disabilities, BOSIFEST was held from 1st to 3rd June this year. Besides the films shown at the Belgrade Youth Centre, the additional program consisted of workshops, panel discussions and round tables. From 250 submitted films, 34 films were chosen for the three day repertoire. 

A word from Darko Ivic, the Director of Bosifest 2016

19. May 2016.

BOSIFEST is an international film festival for and by people with disabilities, the only one of that kind in Southeast Europe, taking place in Serbia for the seventh time. A great number of films will be screened this year too - in the competitive as well as the non-competitive part.

Until now, within BOSIFEST, 300 films dealing with the theme of the people with disabilities or the authors of the films are people with disabilities have been screened. 

Jury of Bosifest 2016

18. May 2016.

Jury of Bosifest 2016 are:

  • Srdan Dragojevic,
  • Ivan Karl,
  • Nebojsa Bradic and
  • Vladan Vukosavljevic.

A word from Jelena Gavrilovic, the selector of Bosifest 2016

28. April 2016.

This year, 250 films arrived, which necessarily increased selection criteria and unfortunately not all the quality films could be selected. In the end, for the competition part the most powerful documentary movies were selected , and for the non-competition part: feature, animated and educational films. For both programs we searched for the following: that is relevant to the local audience, that is skillfully directed, that it depicts a film and not television work, and that it gives a new viewpoint on a topic.

Interview with Kineret Hay-Gillor, winner for best director for film “How much love” on Bosifest 2015

13. April 2016.

It's been almost a year since your visit to Belgrade. What impression you brought with you from here?

I found Belgrade amazing. I'm not sure if this impression was because of the city itself or because of the remarkable experience that I've had there during the festival... I found it to be a modern city but also soaked with history and legacy. The people were so nice to me and the food was so great!

Interview with Evgeny Golynkin, winner of Bosifest 2015

05. April 2016.

What are your`s impressions from last year`s festival where you get the grand prix? How did you like Belgrade?

The  festival itself is one of the strongest impression. Not only the films that were shown but the fact that the festival like this exists. For me, Darko will always be the person with strong personality, dignified behavior and a very wise attitude towards life.

Volunteers 2016

04. April 2016.

Volunteers are, as in previous years, an indispensable part of BOSIFEST's. This year we have volunteers from different faculties, they are involved in the organization from the very beginning and daily contribute their effort and commitment to the successful implementation of the festival.
The aim of engaging volunteers is to get young people informed about the rights, status and needs of people with disabilities and to work on creating empathy, improving communication, acceptance of diversity and breaking down prejudices about people with disabilities.